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Nivea Hydro Balance Scrub (oil free)
Nivea Hydro Balance Scrub (oil free)

Nivea Hydro Balance Scrub (oil free)


For normal to combination skin
An oil-free scrub with Hydro Balance System and Micro Beads that gently exfoliates and increases moisture potential for a smooth complexion.


Not only does it not clog pores, it is skin compatibility dermatologically approved and, free of alcohol, preservatives and colorants.

Product Code: A30021
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NIVEA VISAGE Hydro Balance Scrub gently purifies your skin in depth while increasing skinís moisture potential. This mild facial scrub has been carefully developed by the NIVEA Laboratories to meet the needs of Asian skin.


How does it work?
- NIVEA VISAGEís innovative HydroBalance-system selectively remove impurities and excess sebum, while respecting skinís own lipids being substantial for preventing dehydration.
- The formula contains the effective moisturizer glycerin.
- Microbeads gently massage skin and removes dead skin cells effectively.


What does it mean for your skin?
- The moisture level of your skin is protected.
- Your skin is gently purified.
- Your skin complexion appears even and smooth.